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About the Dufferin Paris Pit

The Dufferin Aggregates property in Paris consists of 260 hectares (642 acres) of land. 79 hectares (196 acres) on the north side of Watts Pond Road and 181 hectares (447 acres) on the south side.

Aerial view of pit

The Paris Pit has high quality sand and gravel that is unconsolidated. No drilling or blasting will occur a the Paris Pit. Extraction will use excavators and in a few locations draglines.

  1. Extraction will commence in the south west corner of the property and continue is a phased approach over the next 30 years.
  2. Processing will be during regular daytime hours (7am - 7pm).
  3. In the beginning, portable processing equipment will be used until the permanent processing area is established. The processing plant will be fixed in one location on the south side of Watts Pond Road as specified by the ARA Site Plan.
  4. Aggregates will be washed with water to eliminate excess silt and clay. No chemicals are used in the washing process. The water required for the washing process is recirculated through a closed-loop system which minimizes water consumption.
  5. The maximum annual tonnage is 997,000 tonnes as specified by the ARA license.

Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC)

CSC completed an evaluation assessment of the Dufferin Aggregates Paris Pit on June 13-15, 2017. This assessment involved an on-site visit, review of documents, and interviews with staff and interested parties.

On August 17, 2017 The Dufferin Aggregates Paris Pit received CSC certification. For more information, please visit the CSC website.