Dufferin Aggregates Launches New Website to Facilitate Discussion with Community of Paris, Ontario

Posted on Wednesday July 04, 2012

Company believes in transparent, two-way communication

PARIS, ONTARIO (July 4, 2012) – Dufferin Aggregates today launched a new website, www.dufferinparispit.com, to communicate with local stakeholders in Paris, Ontario, and other interested parties, about its operations in the area.  The website will facilitate two-way dialogue and create another channel to address questions from the local community about the planned operations. 

“At Dufferin Aggregates, we believe in engaging with our communities and balancing the social, environmental and economic impacts of our business,” says Andrea Bourrie, Director of Planning and Regulatory Affairs at Holcim Canada. “This website is one channel for us to communicate with the community and makes sure everyone gets accurate information about our plans in Paris.” 

The homepage of the website will include a simple mechanism for individuals or groups to provide feedback. 

The Paris Pit website will include information about environmental and other approvals, certifications and standards for water and transportation as Dufferin is committed to complying with or exceeding today’s regulatory standards. “The provincial license was granted some years ago and it gives us the right to remove gravel, and we must operate to today’s standards. It is the law and our commitment,” says Bourrie.   

Dufferin Aggregates has also established a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) to educate and advise on the Paris Pit. Fifteen nearby resident and other members of the community meet regularly to hear presentations from the company and outside experts on topics they decide on. So far, transportation and water has been covered.  “Residents have learned that we use very little water and fill up our source pond only once under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment – then recirculate the water to run the wash plant. No chemicals are used in the products,” says Bourrie. 

Dufferin Aggregates appreciates constructive feedback and works hard to maintain positive relationships with its surrounding communities. The company encourages individuals and groups to visit the website at www.dufferinparispit.com to learn more about the site, its operations and the company overall.

About Dufferin Aggregates:

Dufferin Aggregates, a division of Holcim (Canada) Inc., is a leading supplier of aggregates for the construction industry in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and adjacent municipalities. Dufferin Aggregates operates 21 sites in Ontario and is a key player in the communities where it operates.  With its many awards for community relations, resource and environmental management, Dufferin Aggregates has gained regional, national and international recognition as an industry leader.

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