Dufferin Aggregates Paris Pit Progresses Toward Operation with Application for Permit To Take Water

Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2013

Environmental Commissioner deems license in goodstanding

PARIS, ONTARIO (March 26, 2013) – Dufferin Aggregates today reports the achievement of significant milestones toward opening the Paris Pit site.  The Company has filed its Permit To Take Water (“PTTW”) Application with the Ministry of the Environment (“MOE”); the MOE has posted the proposal on the Environmental Registry for public comment until June 18, 2013; and Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources (“MNR”) deemed the Paris Pit license in good standing and that it does not warrant further review. 

“As we worked through these milestones our dialogue with the community, stakeholders and local agencies was of utmost importance,” explained Kevin Mitchell, Manager, Environment & Properties, Dufferin Aggregates.  “At Public Meetings, Community Advisory Panel meetings and in direct conversations with local stakeholders and agencies, we have found common ground, listened to concerns and proactively adapted our Site Plans and permit applications.  We live and work here in Paris and throughout the County of Brant and we plan to be a neighbour for the next 30 years.  Together, we will contribute to the local economy and infrastructure, address the demand for high-­-quality aggregate in the local and regional markets, and at the same time, we will protect the health of our community and our environment for the long-­-term.” 

Permit To Take Water 

The PTTW application is a hydrological and hydro-­-geological assessment for a new permit to take water for aggregate washing purposes and determines any potential impacts to water resources.  Dufferin Aggregates has committed to the highest levels of source water protection, including locating the processing plant area and source pond outside of any wellhead protection areas and further evaluation and ongoing review of source water impact.  Below the water table extraction will only occur if it can be done safety, and after submitting a comprehensive hydro-­-geologic assessment to MNR and MOE, for their approval.  

 “We believe it’s important to provide the public with an optimal amount of time to review and comment on our application.  Therefore, we have asked the Ministry of the Environment to extend the review period from 30 days to 90 days,” continued Mitchell.  “We are eager to hear comments from the public and agency partners and work with MOE to address accordingly.” 

Decision from the Ministrof Natural Resources

MNR last week recognized Dufferin Aggregates significant efforts to ensure ongoing protection of the environment and strict regulation of the sand and gravel operation.  On March 12, Dufferin Aggregates was advised that MNR decided the license for the Paris Pit is in good standing and does not warrant a review, satisfied that the existing license conditions are appropriate and accompanied by measures to regulate the operations and protect the environment, including municipal drinking water. 

“The decision from MNR reiterates that our operation must operate to today’s standard.  Our site plans also include a note that requires us to comply with all applicable provincial and federal legislation.  It is the law and how we do business,” stated Mitchell.  “As any new rules and regulations take effect, we are required and we will comply with new standards.  In fact, we will always strive to exceed them.” 

Today’s standards are applied to existing license conditions under the Aggregates Resources Act; PTTW and the Ontario Water Resources Act; Environmental Compliance Approvals; Endangered Species Act; and Technical Standards and Safety Authority regulations for the handling and storage of fuels. Collectively, these standards work to protect the environment, regulate operations and ensure sustainable water resource management. 

As Dufferin Aggregates continues to work through the process of opening the Paris Pit site, the Company is committed to working with the community and addressing questions that may arise. To learn more about the Paris Pit please go to  www.dufferinparispit.com. 

About Dufferin Aggregates:

Dufferin Aggregates, a division of Holcim (Canada) Inc., is a leading supplier of aggregates for the construction industry in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and adjacent municipalities. Dufferin Aggregates operates 21 sites in Ontario and is a key player in the communities where it operates.  With its many awards for community relations, resource and environmental management, Dufferin Aggregates has gained regional, national and international recognition as an industry leader.